Since 1585 in the respect of the traditions

Chablis, this name is known all over the world. This réputation is

due to the prestigious wines that are produced in this village of

2500 people based in Burgundy.

The Domaine Raoul Gautherin et fils is a family estate transmitted from father

to son for many generations. We benefit an ancestral knowledge and a top-ofthe-

range vineyard exposed on the best hillsides.

Our wines are elaborated in a traditional way, to let express our inimitable

clay-limestone soil. Our vineyards are cultivated with rigor and passion in a

reasoned and sustainable way.



From small Chablis to Grands Crus

 CHABLIS GRAND CRU :  Discover our 3 Grand Cru: Vaudésirs, Grenouilles, Les Clos. The are placed in front of the village, on the right side of the Serein river. Their perfect exposition give to the vineyards the best condition to grow; then the winemaker is making the rest.


 CHABLIS PREMIER CRU. We are producing 3 Chablis Premier Cru: Vaillons and Montmains "vieilles vignes" on the left side, Mont de Milieu on the right side. The are situated on the best expositions on the hillside. Our Premier Cru are long, balanced, elegant and complex. They can be associated with fish, oyster, chicken, sushis, or just enjoyed with familly and friends.


 CHABLIS VIEILLES VIGNES : Thos grapes are chosed from our oldest vineyards, aged more than 35. After a vinification in tank, the wine is aged into barrels from 12 to 15 months. 


 CHABLIS : The total typicity of our terroir. Our Chablis are fresh, balanced and minerals. You can taste our clay-limestone terroir with beautifull citrus notes.


PETIT CHABLIS "La terre de mon père" : This cuvee is an hommage to Raoul Gautherin, father of Alain Gautherin and grandfather of Adrien Gautherin. It comes from our only one vineyard of Petit Chablis, ideally situated right after our Chablis Premier Cru Vaillons. The vinification is a secret only known by Alain & Adrien.
Don't wait to discover this unique cuvee! 

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